PupAid – Crazy Puppy Party
When TV vet Marc Abraham approached TBB to help raise awareness about puppy farming and get a bill passed in the House of Commons to have them banned, we decided that a hard hitting campaign showing the horrors of intensive breeding would only be preaching to the converted and would fail to widen the debate. We decided on a fun film to convey the message that showed what doggy mayhem would ensue when comedy actor Mark Heap (Green Wing, Larkrise to Candleford and many other shows) popped out for a pint of milk. Cue the craziest shoot we’ve had in a longtime, with a dozen highly trained dogs, a skateboard and some dog friendly cocktails. Thanks to the generosity of A1 Animals, a free location and lots of favours, we produced a higly engaging video. Together with a rocking track provided courtesy of Fat Boy Slim, the video hit over 164,000 view on YouTube and helped raise the profile of puppy farms.

“Absolutely brilliant well done!! Thanks again everyone for making all this happen in such quick time – amazing work. It will make a huge difference to our campaign” Marc Abraham