Peugeot – 308
Peugeot came to us for a series of four interactive films highlighting the 308’s style, design, efficiency and performance. The aim was to draw attention to the UK launch of the updated Peugeot 308 by focussing on its remarkable features.

We created one main film and four sub-films. We wanted them to have real credibility, so we filmed respected motoring journalist Jonny Smith putting the 308 through its paces in the style of a certain well-known TV motoring show. For added interest we used two very different locations – an industrial studio housed inside an enormous tank once used to hold sherry, and the stunning driving roads of Snowdonia. Not only were these great locations that created visually stunning footage, they also enabled us to make best use of our limited time with a pre-production version of the car. After uploading the finished interactive films to YouTube and integrating the footage into an ‘augmented reality’ app, interest in the new 308 really took off, while a series of tweets by presenter Jonny Smith only increased their impact. 

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Steve Fletcher
Creative Director