Chivas Brothers – 100 Days
With the Brand Ambassadors dispatched around the world, how could we continue to share their experiences and provide an insight to their role for future applicants? Well with some one on one training, a clear brief and armed with GoPro’s and iPhone’s we were able to remotely curate the content. With footage coming in from Amsterdam, Argentina, Australia and Manila we were able to edit together a series of films that gave an insight into the first 100 days of the new recruits.

When challenged with how to feature our Brand Ambassadors in numerous cities around the world, TBB suggested they curate user generated footage and provide remote support to ensure a consistent quality with a strong narrative that complimented the wider programme. Their innovative approach has allowed our budget to be spread across a wider range of output. I look forward to our relationship growing over the coming year. Lauren Brewer, Graduate Programme Manager